MISCA Gold Medal

Premio delle associazioni AIC (Italia) e GE3C (Spagna)

The Meetings of the Italian and Spanish Crystallography Associations (MISCA) successfully started in the year 2007 in Calabria, Italy, with the purpose of continuing and reinforcing the scientific bases of the two regularly organized national congresses. The second event was held in 2010 in Oviedo, Spain and it is a common intention to call these reunions every three years, thus starting a sound tradition. For this reason, it has been proposed to strike the MISCA Gold Medal, to be awarded at each joint congress, starting from the 2010 meeting.

The target recipient of the MISCA medal is an outstanding scientist, who has not only obtained important scientific results using crystallography in any discipline. He has also strongly contributed to the international diffusion of the crystallographic approach and improved the relations between international communities.

Although there are not age limits nor nationality restrictions for candidates, for similar praiseworthy candidates, additional credit will be given to candidates belonging to the Spanish or Italian crystallographic community and then to the wider European community.

Nominations can be forwarded by any regular member of the two Associations (GE3C for Spain and AIC for Italy) and addressed to the respective President and/or Secretary in charge, up to four months before the MISCA event. The final decision will be made by a jury of three members, two of them nominated by the Board of the Association which organizes the forthcoming MISCA (one of them being the Chair) and one by the Board of the hosted Association The decision of the jury is irrevocable. The Prize will be announced at the web page of the corresponding MISCA meeting and communicated to the awardee by the Chairman of the jury.

The prize will be presented at the MISCA meeting and the awarded will give the “MISCA Gold Medal Talk” .

Call for nominations for MISCA Gold Medal 2016

Call for nominations for MISCA Gold Medal 2013

Winners of MISCA Gold Medal
2016 - Carlo Mealli, CNR-ICCOM, Florence, Italy
2013 - Juan Manuel GARCÍA-RUIZ, Laboratorio de Estudios
Cristalográficos, IACT-CSIC-UGR, Spain
2010 - Davide VITERBO, Università del Piemonte Orientale