Sessione al prossimo convegno Goldschmidt


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Dear Colleagues,

we want to bring your attention to the Session 12b "Inorganic particles and elongate mineral particles (EMP), interaction with the biosphere, and risk assessment", that will be held at the next 2021 Goldschmidt conference (Lyon, France, 4-9 July, 2021). You can find additional information at the website, and here below.

We warmly invite you to submit an abstract to our Session. The conference will allow attendance either in person, or online, taking into account in the latter case of the different time zones. The deadline for abstract submission is 26 February (23:59 CET).

Best regards
Francesco Di Benedetto, Terri-Ann Berry, Elena Belluso and Ruggero Vigliaturo

Theme 12: Environmental Geochemistry and Human Health
Session Number: 12b

Inorganic particles and elongate mineral particles (EMP), interaction with the biosphere, and risk assessment

This session is aimed to explore the characterization, diffusion, environmental dispersion and toxicology of a variety of breathable inorganic particles and elongate mineral particles (EMP). The subject material can be of natural, anthropogenic or synthetic origin. The natural particles may include quartz and feldspar fragments, asbestiform fibers and EMPs that occur diffusely in many world areas or other particles, e.g. that generated by disruptive phenomena as ashes from volcanic eruption. The session comprises contribution studying anthropogenic and synthetic particles as for example cristobalite, vitreous and titanium dioxide fibers, as well as hazardous particles that can be dispersed in urban environment as in natural and professional environments, depending on natural and/or anthropogenic activities.
Besides the characterization of these materials and the possible interaction with the biosphere, the determination of the risk assessment and of the possible health hazard can lead to a thorough discussion that can benefit the local environmental policies and the communities through prompt decisions of social and political relevance by government bodies. This opens the possibility also for editing of guidelines and international plan of intervention and coordination that leads to a better safeguard of the environment and citizen health protection.

This symposium is aimed at attracting an interdisciplinary audience from geosciences, material sciences, chemistry, biology, physics medical sciences, to unravel the complex topics that interaction between solid toxic species and the biosphere determines.

Francesco Di Benedetto
Terri-Ann Berry
Elena Belluso
Ruggero Vigliaturo